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Meet Erin

The Couch Therapy is proud to introduce you to our newest team member, Erin Moudy!

We are so excited to welcome Erin to our team! Join us in welcoming her & grab a seat on her Couch as a client with a free 15-minute consultation!

My areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-worth, and grief. Because of my experience in collegiate athletics, I also love working with athletes, perfectionists, high achievers, and individuals struggling with disordered eating.

As a counselor, my goal is to create a space where clients feel safe & empowered to share their stories, confront difficulties head-on, and embrace the courage & hope to envision a path toward healing. We will work as a team to address past experiences and how they have shaped your current view of yourself, your relationships, and the world as a whole. As your therapist, know that it is my greatest honor to walk alongside you as we learn and grow together.

Erin joins our team with a passion for working with anxiety, depression, grief, low self worth/self esteem and disordered eating. Erin specializes in working with athletes, high achievers and individuals who struggle with hustle culture.

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation today to work with Erin towards your therapeutic goals!


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