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Meet Madeleine

Meet Madeleine! She’s a graduate level therapist in Texas who offers Therapy in Allen, Texas or virtual therapy.

Here’s her philosophy about therapy: Oftentimes in life, we face challenges. Be it major life changes, feelings of anxiety or depression, interpersonal stress, or countless others, there’s no question that the feelings that we experience can cause discomfort.

Rather than to push away or minimize these feelings, I like to take an approach through the lens of curiosity – “what could this feeling be trying to tell me?”. Through our work together, I hope that we can start looking at the deeper meaning behind these feelings and begin moving toward resilience and a better self-understanding.

I believe that every person’s story is unique, special, and worth honoring. Yours is your own – you are the expert of your life. As such, I strive to maintain a fully non-judgmental and empathetic approach. I believe you have all the tools you need to overcome the challenges that are bringing you to counseling. I would be honored in helping you find them. I believe that my compassionate and client-centered approach will convey a sense of warmth and support as we walk together on your path forward.

I also specialize and support the LGBTQ+ population using modalities of LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy and those seeking support for their sexual identity and relationship with sexuality.


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