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A Guide to Starting Couples Therapy in Texas

Couples therapy can carry a negative conotation. Rarely do we consider couples therapy for nurturing a relationship and honestly, most frequently couples seek couples therapy when the struggle is immense! But what would it be like if we as a society viewed couples therapy as a oil change in our marriage. A tweak, nurture and attunement opportunity to keep the relationship foundation strong.

Couples therapy is perfect for couples deep in the trenches or couples desiring more of an oil change for partners eager to deepen their connection, resolve conflicts, and embark on a path of mutual growth and understanding.

This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to starting couples therapy in Texas, designed to help you and your partner navigate this transformative journey with confidence and open hearts. We hope this guide offers you grace to explore what your relationship needs.

Finding the Right Therapist: The First Step

Embarking on couples therapy is a significant step towards healing and growth. The first, and perhaps most crucial, step is finding the right therapist.

Research:  Is there a couples therapy self-help book or podcast you’ve enjoyed like EFT , Gottman Couples Therapy, or Esther Perel? If you’ve found a style you like you can see if a therapist resonates with the ideology of each approach.

Credentials and Specializations: Many therapists also have additional training in specific approaches, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) or the Gottman Method, which are well-regarded for couples counseling. Do you care if your therapist has a niche area of specialization? Are you looking for a therapist who views treatment within a specific faith lens, experience with neurodiversity, or adjustment to parenthood? If so, read the bio online and distinguish how you connect to their training and experience.

Compatibility: The therapeutic relationship is foundational to successful therapy. Many therapists offer initial consultations, which can be a great opportunity to assess compatibility. It's important that both you and your partner feel comfortable and understood by your therapist. At The Couch Therapy, we offer free 15-minute consultation sessions which we find incredibly important to ensure that both parties attending therapy feel comfortable with the therapist before committing to the first session.

Preparing for Your First Session

With the right therapist by your side, the next step is preparing for your first session. This initial meeting is a chance for your therapist to understand your relationship's dynamics, challenges, and goals.

Set Goals: Discuss with your partner what you both hope to achieve through therapy. Whether it's improving communication, rebuilding trust, or navigating life changes together, having clear goals can guide your therapy journey. If you have different goals, that’s okay too! Your therapist will help you each individually hear each other’s perspective and co-create the goals.

Open Minds and Hearts: Approach therapy with an open mind and a willingness to be vulnerable. Change begins with honesty and a readiness to explore the depths of your relationship in a supportive environment. It can be nerve-wracking to open yourself up in therapy and it takes time and trust in the therapeutic relationship.

Practical Considerations: Ensure you're aware of the logistics—session times, costs, options of assessments, and options of virtual or in-person sessions. If costs are an issue there are several therapist in our practice that offer sliding scale therapy options which allows for accessibility of care.

Navigating the Therapy Journey

Couples therapy is a journey, not a quick fix. It involves deep work, commitment, and the willingness to grow together.

Communication Skills: One of the first areas many therapists focus on is enhancing communication. Learning to express needs, listen actively, and respond empathetically can transform your relationship.

Understanding Patterns: Therapy can help identify and understand the patterns in your relationship that lead to conflict. With this insight, you can work together to develop healthier interactions. At The Couch Therapy our clinical perspective is that many patterns that are struggles in your current relationship come from deeply rooted attachment experiences throughout your lifespan. Making this connection with each individual in couples therapy offers liberation and long term change in the relationship.

Building Intimacy: Emotional and physical intimacy are often focal points in couples therapy. Reconnecting, understanding each other's love languages, and finding new ways to express affection can rekindle your bond.

The Road Ahead

Remember, the goal of couples therapy is not just to solve problems but to grow and enrich your relationship (remember that oil change analogy) . It's about learning to navigate life's ups and downs together, with resilience, understanding, and love.

Continued Growth: Therapy can provide you with tools and strategies to continue strengthening your relationship beyond the therapy room. Regular check-ins, whether through continued sessions or at home, can keep your relationship on a positive track.

Starting couples therapy is a brave and loving choice for your relationship. It's a testament to your commitment to each other and your shared future. With the right therapist, preparation, and mindset, Texas couples can navigate this journey together, building a stronger, more fulfilling partnership along the way.


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