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Hi, I'm Chrissy! I'm a Masters Level Intern at Southern Methodist University. I currently have a waitlist for new clients. If you'd like to join my waitlist or learn about working with another therapist, please contact


Virtually, In Allen & In Colleyville

Chrissy Lamp (Supervised by Emily Morehead, LPC-S)

  • I believe that people have the desire to be the best version of themselves and that all people have the ability to change. I believe you are the expert of your experiences, and I seek to honor your individual story. My goal is to create a safe, therapeutic environment that fosters empowerment for you to become more aligned with who you really want to be, your most authentic self. I will listen fully, empathetically, and without judgment to your story. I view therapy as a tool to empower you to make positive changes and move toward the direction of your goals 

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