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A TikTok Trend We Can Jump On.

Did you see the TikTok Trend of what’s in and out for 2024?! We decided to participate so click here out Emily’s personal in’s and out’s from your favorite TikTok Therapist about her 2024 year ahead

Although we aren’t big on hopping on the New Year Resolution Bandwagon we loved seeing social media blow up with people who were openly breaking social stigma’s by taking about their desire to start therapy! & Yes, your therapist has goals that they want to work through as well. We love seeing a TikTok Trend that brings attention to pausing and moving into the New Year mindfully. It’s amazing seeing this trend empower people are showing up for themselves and setting the tone for the online TikTok Therapy community by openly sharing that they want to set a goal to nurture themselves by starting therapy in this 2024 year.

No, we don’t think you need to shame yourself into self improvement through intense high pressure New Years Resolution but we love the idea of intentional time set apart to really challenge what’s serving you and what you want to nurture deeper. This TikTok Trend did just that!

If you hopped on this trend- we’d love to hear what you are wanting for your 2024 year in your therapy session. If not, that’s okay too! You still have time to explore what you are wanting to nurture this year and what you’ve evaluated as something that isn’t working for you.

If you are starting your journey of exploring finding a therapist - we’d love to help you out. Check out our free consultations to learn more about how to start therapy in Texas today!


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