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Do I have an Unhealthy Relationship with Food?

Do I have an unhealthy relationship with food? 

If you find yourself questioning this, then the answer is most likely yes. Tell me, what makes you wonder? Are you experiencing shame and guilt about your body? Do you find yourself skipping meals, dieting, fasting, calorie counting, overexercising, or struggling with knowing whether or not you are hungry or full? The truth is, you may be experiencing disordered eating. 

Before you begin shaming yourself, pause. Disordered eating is unfortunately very common, and very normalized by our friends, family, media, and culture as a whole. We are constantly learning about new products, gadgets, or diets that promise to be the miracle to our relationship with our body. We may be complimented or criticized by the people around us for the body shape we have or are pushing to have.

The point is, you didn’t learn these patterns on your own. Think about it. Babies are not born into the world with disordered eating. They learn what they are shown. It is multifaceted, complex, and definitely not your fault. 

Well…now what?

It does not matter what age or stage of life you are in right now. You still have so much time to take a step towards putting yourself first, and you don’t have to do it alone. If you are looking for a therapist for disordered eating or a therapist for an eating disorder near you we hope you feel safe to begin exploring your relationship with our therapy team. Finding support towards reaching your new goals of having a healthy relationship with food and your body may be the first step.

 At The Couch Therapy, we are a therapy practice that offers health at every size (HAES) therapy for eating disorders or disordered eating. We believe in a gentle approach to helping those struggling with disordered eating. When working with a HAES aligned therapist, you can expect to sit in a safe space to process the timeline of your relationship with food, process significant moments in life that influenced your beliefs, and remind you to release the petri dish of shame you’ve been holding onto for too long. You deserve to just be. 

Let us walk with you through this new journey.


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