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Finding Community and Support During the Postpartum Period (and Beyond!)

Postpartum is one of the biggest period of adjustments a person will face in their lifetime. Not only do you have a new baby to learn how to care for, but you’re also adjusting to the demands of parenthood that aren’t related to the baby. There’s questions about identity, relationships, and time management. There’s a new and ever-changing body that you’re learning to live in. Then there’s the big question: who am I as a mom?

It’s no wonder postpartum can feel extremely overwhelming – there’s a lot going on. And we’re here to tell you that it’s OK to want some help as you navigate through it all.

Here at The Couch, we have several clinicians who cherish the work we get to do with our postpartum clients. There’s something so special about walking through the period of transition alongside our client and helping them discover their own path through motherhood – because everyone’s journey is beautiful and different.

If you’re looking for postpartum support, here are a few things we offer:

Individual Counseling

We have several perinatally trained providers who are specialists in working with new moms, veteran moms, and moms-to-be. You can explore each of our therapists’ specialties here. Or, you can reach out to us personally at to get matched to a therapist we feel would fit your unique needs.

Support Groups

Beginning in May, we’re offering a virtual support group for postpartum moms. Our virtual group is a community of postpartum moms looking for support as they navigate the daily challenges of motherhood. Our goal is to provide a space where everyone is met with compassion and finds the freedom to talk about all of the hard and beautiful moments in their motherhood journey. If you’re interested in getting on the notification list for this group, you can email 

Walk-and-Talk Therapy

We get it. Finding time for therapy with a new baby is hard. We offer walk-and-talk therapy for busy moms who want baby with them. Reach out to us at to learn more.


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