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Focusing on the Present While Revisiting the Past in Therapy

Many of my clients begin our work together by saying something like, “I’m here because I realized stuff from my childhood impacted me more than I thought.” While they describe life growing up as pretty normal, good, or even great, they’re noticing that no one gets through this life unscathed.

Before beginning therapy, my clients often find themselves repeating patterns in relationships with others and continuing behaviors that feel counterproductive or even self-defeating at this point in their lives.

This includes difficulties setting boundaries or knowing what that would even look like, low self-worth or a loud inner critic, and becoming upset easily or jumping into fight-or-flight mode.

In therapy, we can focus on the present while revisiting the past. We can make room for the both-and that feels difficult, things like “my parents always provided and did their best, and I felt like I had to handle my feelings alone as a kid”—both of those things can be true. We can face the past and the tough feelings, at your pace. And you’ll learn so much about yourself on the way.

Our work together looks like tending to those old hurts that keep interfering with present relationships so that you can relate more securely to both others and yourself. 

If you want to start your therapy journey today you can reach out for a free consultation to learn more.



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