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How do I find a HAES Therapist?

What is a HAES-aligned provider?

Have you heard of the term HAES through a coworker, friend/family, or somewhere online, but not quite sure what it means? Let’s dive in!

Health At Every Size (HAES) is a weight neutral, holistic approach that focuses on promoting health equity to people of all different body sizes.

HAES encourages body acceptance, intuitive eating, and rejects diet culture. This movement encourages improving health with relationships with food and movement that best meet each individual’s needs. The way I describe this movement to my clients is to follow what “feels good” in their body. 

What is beneficial about this movement?

In my experience as a therapist thus far, I have seen a lot of my clients struggle with shame towards either their relationship with food and/or movement. This shame often negatively affects relationships with others, accomplishing personal goals, utilizing unhelpful coping mechanisms, and having low self-worth. HAES offers a safe space to replace the shaming thoughts with acceptance, empowerment, and grace. 

How do I find a HAES-aligned provider?

  • Use keywords such as “weight neutral”’, “HAES”, “weight-inclusive” when searching online

  • Be aware of keywords that are red flags such as “weight-loss” or “weight-management” 

  • When setting up an appointment, tell the provider you are looking for a weight inclusive provider

Explore options. 

Finding the best provider for you can be similar to dating. You are allowed to ask questions and change your mind until you find the best fit for you. If something doesn’t feel good you are allowed to share your needs and ask for something different.

Each Therapist at The Couch Therapy offers HAES Therapy and believes all bodies are good bodies.

If we can help you start your journey schedule a free consultation today  or reach out here to learn more.


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