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How Long Should Therapy Last?

I can’t give you a solid, unwavering answer. The truth is, only you know the answer to that question. At The Couch Therapy, we empower clients to lead the way in their therapeutic journey. We follow your lead when it comes to frequency of sessions, duration of treatment, and individual goals while also offering supportive guidance. 

Our therapists offer their own eclectic approach, catered to each individual client, while also having a foundation in attachment based, psychodynamic therapy. This basically means that we value the relationship we build with our clients, and believe that the therapeutic relationship can hold value to the growth and healing experienced in the therapy room. We do not measure growth through the number of sessions we have with our clients.

Due to our relational style of therapy, it’s not uncommon for our clients to stay with us for a year or more, and many return to us in the future when something new arises.The goal is to offer what you need, when you need it and that’s different for everyone.

When thinking of therapy - think of a captain sailing a ship. Your therapist is your co-captain, offering assistance and guidance with directions, while you are sailing the ship. You get to choose the length of the journey, the path of the journey, and ultimately, the destination of your voyage. We would be honored to be a part of your voyage.

You are welcome here for however long you need.  Want to dip your toe in? Schedule a free consultation here to learn more!


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