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Puzzling Therapy

When you ask me what to expect in your first therapy session - think of the puzzle.

When I share a therapeutic space with a client I imagine myself in front of a puzzle. In our first session we dump the puzzle pieces out. It’s messy. Overwhelming. Pretty exhilarating. Some of the pieces are pretty obvious where they go. Others feel misplaced or even missing. When we meet together a few more times we’ve start matching up those more obvious corner pieces. A few more sessions in together there is a lot more strategic organizing. Feelings of curiosity, apprehension, excitement and reflections of curious connections.

As we build this puzzle together we will mess up together. We will turn over any piece that feels good to you and some will carry roots, some just some casual laughs and sometimes there’s that magical moment when we find that missing piece that somehow brings it all together. We will make mistakes together and we will experience safety in feedback.

 We will build it together at your speed, in your space. I’ll guide, delight, witness and hold that space for you.

What a gift it is to build together.

I can’t wait to see what we build.

Reach out today to schedule your free 15 minute consultation session to start the process of matching with a therapist in Texas.

Therapy is for everyone,



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