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Will my therapist tell me to leave my relationship?

Have you ever wished that your therapist would say “it’s time to leave your relationship”.

Recently I watched Shrinking at the insistence of several clients (check out the trailer here). It’s a great show with lots of unethical moments. At one point the therapist played by Jason Segel becomes emotionally dysregulated and admits to his client that he wants her to leave her toxic relationship. He projects his own feelings onto her and gives advice. Sure her boyfriend sucked and the therapists rant was a great Hollywood moment but this is not what real life therapy looks like.

Here’s why: therapist can’t and should not assume what the good life is for you. A therapist's job is to create a space for you to explore decisions for yourself. The therapist holds space by supporting you as you navigate your feelings and emotions align with your decision. At The Couch Therapy we love the opportunity to help you explore the roots of yourself worth and the mirroring that the current relationship may have from your early childhood experiences. We help you explore the current relational crisis as well as hope to guide you to excavate the patterns and behaviors that have been wired in your brain.

With the complete understanding of your whole self through your work with a therapist, you have the opportunity to feel empowered to define and choose the good life for you.

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*If you or someone you know is in a Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) relationship and needs support you can reach out to The National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233


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