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The Dream Team, Therapist and Dietitian Collaboration

If you find yourself on this page - it probably means that you have already begun the process of building your dream team, either with a therapist or dietitian. If you are struggling with your relationship with food, body, or overall health, here are some reasons it would be important to work with both a therapist and a dietitian:

1. Collaboration in making a plan to improve your goals

Your therapist and dietitian can collaborate on shared goals and discuss ways to support one another during their one on one time with you. This also saves you extra time of spending time being the “messenger” back and forth between them.

2. Opportunity to nourish BOTH your mental health, and your physical health 

Through the dream team, you can allow time with your therapist to discover the WHY behind the presenting issue, whereas your dietitian can discover HOW the presenting issue is affecting your physical well-being

3. Find balanced approach to all forms of health

Therapists and dietitians work on the same goals, but focus on different objectives. When working with a therapist to understand the underlying causes of your unhelpful relationship with food or body, you may increase your unhelpful coping skills to manage your thoughts/feelings. Your dietitian can help assess the increase in the unhelpful ways of coping (restriction, excessive exercise, bingeing, etc) and work on replacing them with helpful coping strategies instead. This collaborative approach helps you have well rounded support on meeting your individual needs and goals

Through collaboration, the therapist and dietitian can work as a synergistic team offering a multidimensional support system to the client in their recovery. 

How Do I Build the Dream Team?

Embarking on the journey begins with finding the right fit for your professional support team. If you are already working with one provider, you can reach out and ask them for their list of recommended referrals. This offers you a starting point in researching referral websites and setting up initial consultations to assess who will be the best “fit” for you! Once you begin working with both providers, you can sign a release of information document to give access for collaborative care - starting the new journey with your Dream Team! We’d love to talk through options today to be considered a teammate on your dream team!

Special thanks to National Eating Disorder Awareness Week #neda2024 for bringing awareness to this important collaboration!


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