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Therapy for Therapist

Hey friends! I tried a new therapist today. My previous one is taking a sabbatical and I knew it was time to establish a new relationship with a new therapist. Yes, your therapist absolutely goes to therapy & here’s what I want you to know:

1. First day jitters are totally normal. Sharing your heavy stuff with a new human is hard.

2. After scheduling my intake appointment I listened to my “feels” playlist a lot more than normal, felt more tearful & wanted to cancel my appointment a few times.

3. It felt really nice to feel held and free with a safe & non judgemental person.

4. I totally had a vulnerability hangover post session. There was relief and exhaustion all in the same breath.

5. I know it’ll be harder before it gets easier - & that’s where the good shit lives. I’ll keep showing up. Just like you bravely do.

We are in it with you. Literally.



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