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What is an Intake Session?

Congratulations – you have started the hardest part of your journey to healing by scheduling your first session with your soon-to-be therapist at The Couch Therapy

Great! What happens now?

Intake sessions can bring up a multitude of emotions, and it is okay to feel both excited and scared to start the process! My hope with this post is to provide you with comfort and safety in preparation for your intake session through sharing the outline of what to expect. 

I also want to share that , without knowing who your therapist will be, I can only imagine how excited and honored they are to begin working with you. 

Intake sessions are the introduction of therapy and meeting your therapist. This session is 75-minutes long, which allows ample amount of time to build rapport and learn the logistics of therapy. During the beginning of the intake, your therapist will discuss informed consent, therapeutic approach, scheduling, and any other information to know about the therapy experience. This time will also allow you to ask any questions or concerns you may have about starting the process. 

After you go through the logistics, your therapist will spend the remainder of the intake process learning about you. You will be prompted questions about you and your life, and it may feel like an interview. This allows the therapist to learn the whole picture of you and your life in hopes to fully understand how to best meet your needs for therapy. Your therapist is eager to listen to your story, and start processing how they can best serve you moving forward. 

We tell our clients at The Couch Therapy that you may experience an “emotional hangover” after your intake session. This is often caused by processing memories, experiences, and relationships with others that bring up certain emotions and feelings. In future sessions with your therapist, you will begin to fully unpack those feelings and start the road of healing. To handle the “emotional hangover” we often recommend rest and self-care for the following week. Attending an intake session takes bravery and courage- and your body deserves to recover from it. 

After the intake session, you will continue building your relationship with your therapist, and working towards your goals for therapy. 

We recognize that starting therapy may come with a multitude of emotions, and would be honored to walk alongside you as you start your journey to healing. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today with a Couch Therapy team member here.


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