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A Letter to Teachers about Burnout.

Dear Teachers,

As you begin prepping for the new school year, I imagine new feelings start to arise that you have not experienced since summer began. Thoughts and feelings towards having a new group of students, managing expectations from administration, adapting to your new sleep schedule, and worrying about burnout before you even begin. If you are already looking forward to holiday breaks, time-off, and next summer - I’m talking to you. 

First off, you are valid in all your feelings. You have done, and will continue to do incredible work that is both physically and emotionally exhausting. The work you do is noticeable, inspiring, and also challenging and hard. I understand that this new school year may bring you all the feelings.

As you embark on this new season of making a difference in your student’s lives, we want you to know that you also deserve the same care that you are providing your students. Just as much fuel as you are providing in your student’s tanks, you are equally deserving of. 

Our clinicians at The Couch Therapy would love to offer help to prevent burnout. Through our therapeutic services, we would love to offer you a space to process the daily struggles of the work you do (with loads of validation, tears, and laughter), explore opportunities of both big and small self-care options that are feasible to you, and help you maintain both your work goals AND your personal goals. 

We would love to meet you where you need. We have clinicians that offer a range of fees and evening availability to accommodate your school schedule. You are fully welcome here.

Thank you for all you do.

-Taylor North

*All blogs are written by a Couch Therapy Team Member. Not by AI because that’s creepy.


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