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How Your Therapist Views You

A Letter from an Attachment Therapist in Texas,

Knowing you, knowing your story I frequently feel confused how you are who you are- the only thing I can conceptualize is the beauty and grit in your resiliency. I wish everyone knew that tender piece of you. The softness in you that developed from things most humans wouldn’t survive.

That hard rigid pain that shaped you. Those trauma memories- it’s why your body responds how it does today. But somehow you hold your baby like you wish you were held. You somehow offer nurture and a secure base.

You might not be ready to believe how worthy and precious you are but I believe it for you. I will hold that belief for you until one day you feel safe enough to dig into the soft to feel the hard.

Therapy holds a sacred secret between us. The belief you are scared to hold. I am honored to hold it so tightly for you. I can’t wait to give it back to you when you feel safe to carry it. Until then I will be grateful for the opportunity to continue to see your light and hold space for the deep emotional intimacy that is our therapeutic relationship.

With gratitude for you,



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