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I’m a Therapist Who is Also An Empath

There’s been so much in social media about empaths that I feel isn’t quite accurate. Yes, those who have experienced trauma and a difficult past can be hypersensitive to their surroundings and more aware of other’s emotions. However, as an empath you actually FEEL these emotions to your core. There’s an ability to be present with someone and instantly feel if they’re hurting inside, even though they smile and laugh on the outside. The inner connection is deep and doesn’t often make logical sense. It’s been said that for those of us who identify as an empath, our mirror neurons are more sensitive than others', like they’re super charged. Sometimes even just seeing the news or a sad commercial can be overwhelming and too much to handle. We can be deeply moved by art, dance, music, etc. It’s not all sad; we feed off of any energy, so even the positive feelings of others are shared. We absorb emotions like a sponge and are very intuitive. Emily likes to call it my super power.

Some therapists believe that showing emotions in sessions is inappropriate. I’ve cried plenty of times with clients because I feel their pain, and as an empath it’s not really an option to turn that off completely. However, I’m also very intentional about listening to my own body, setting boundaries and allowing myself to recharge alone when I need to. A client’s story is absolutely their story, and I don’t take that on but I’m right there with them as we ride the waves together. Good or bad. As a therapist for HSPs and empaths I know that this takes practice and having grace with yourself. I can get embarrassed when overwhelmed with emotions in front of others but it’s a part of who I am and I’m continuing to learn to embrace it. Through therapy you can also learn how to embrace your unique empathic gift. So here’s to you my fellow empath superheroes! May 2022 bring you self compassion, healthy boundaries, a whole lot of positive energy!



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