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Should We Start Couples Therapy?

Considering couples counseling can feel really overwhelming. First, admitting that you both want to improve your relationship and are open to exploring couples counseling is a huge step. Getting to this step can take a while because you want to find the right fit for both of your personalities, schedules AND make sure the therapist is a good couples therapist that will hear both of your perspectives. Maybe you dipped your toe in by searching “couples therapist near me” or over lunch got a referral from you BFF who has a great couples counselor. However you got started researching, bravo- we know that wasn’t easy.

Couples Counseling is where both parties start the process of building a foundation of mutual respect and desire to intentionally hear one another. You don’t have to be in crisis in your relationship to desire to have the opportunity to work on communication around finances, shared responsibility, transition to parenting, intimacy, conflict- you name it, we’ve worked on it before in couples therapy. The opportunity to have a third party hear you both and explore the dimensionality of your needs allows for a deeper understanding of one another. At The Couch Therapy we offer Gottman Couples Therapy for Couples in Texas. We use Gottman’s work to follow a research based protocol that offers practical interventions that are created to help couples strengthen their relationships in three primary areas: friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning.

 We love to offer couples therapy and see couples remember why they fell in love and explore knowing more about one another in a way that feels safe and secure.

Meet our couples therapists here.


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