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Is Starting Therapy a Goal on your New Years IN List this year?

Sometimes taking the first step in finding a therapist can be really tricky.

If you don’t know where to start - this guide was made for YOU.

Let’s start off with some honesty- if you don’t know where to start you aren’t alone. Many people feel lost in how to start the search for the best therapist for their needs. Therapist’s are not one size fits all and you are the one that determines if they feel like they are the right fit for you.

So… here’s how to take the first step….

Interview your therapist. 

Yes. YOU can interview your therapist to make sure they are a good fit before committing to a full appointment.

Here’s the scoop…. many therapists offer free 15 minute consultations where potential clients have the option to interview the therapist to ensure they are a good fit. At The Couch Therapy we truly believe that the relationship is what matters in therapy which means that we prioritze the opportunity for potential clients to have free consultations or email with our team to find the best match.

Things to Consider When Interviewing a New Therapist in a Consultation Call

Is this therapist someone you would feel comfortable talking with (aka do you like them as a human)?

What is the budget you are comfortable with for therapy?

What hours work best for therapy for you?

How would you like to meet with your therapist? In person or Virtually? For example at The Couch Therapy we have therapy offices in Colleyville, Texas or Allen Texas but we also see clients Virtually all over the State of Texas.

Does this therapist have experience in working with what you are hoping to nurture?

Reach out and schedule a consultation here with a therapist and get to know the practice, the therapist and see if you feel like you are a good fit together.


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