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It Takes Two

It Takes Two!

Today, I was reminded of something I tell clients often. A relationship takes two people. All responsibility and accountability can’t sit with one person.

My body was apparently telling me otherwise! Through somatic processing I was able to dig into implicit messages stored in my body to learn where my avoidance of conflict comes from-fear of rupturing the relationship!

By challenging those beliefs and continuing to dig deeper, I eventually found myself tearfully saying out loud “it’s not all on me”. And suddenly I was sitting up tall, weight lifted, and able to breathe again.

Be intentional about the relationships you invest in. Pour into those who won’t let you take it all on yourself. That’s what The Couch offers me, even as the boss. It’s the feelings of no judgment and felt safety for me! Offering Somatic Therapy in Texas allows me to offer a safe healing space like the one I experienced today.

Monique is a somatic therapist in Texas. She offers somatic therapy for trauma, depression, anxiety and self worth. Monique believes in the impact that the attachment relationship in the therapy room impacts the importance of how somatic therapy works in healing the brain and body. Somatic therapy with Monique allows clients to explore how the body expresses painful experiences by applying mind and body healing to help clients with trauma recovery.


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