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Megan’s book review of The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery

This is a self-help book for folks who want to have a more flexible and positive relationship with food, folks who’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder, and everyone in between. The two therapists share the wisdom and tools they’ve gained through their own recovery processes, their education, and their work. The book is written in a casual, conversational tone that makes it enjoyable to read despite covering a number of important topics.

The authors start by sharing their own stories, explaining the problems with diet culture, and breaking down what disordered eating is. They explore how to change your behaviors in early recovery, how to change your thoughts around food, and how emotions play a role. One of my favorite chapters explains that binge eating is not about “willpower.” The authors touch on Health at Every Size, self-compassion, coping tools, trauma, body image, and body acceptance. The book discusses recovering for orthorexia, an unhealthy fixation with “wellness” and “healthy eating.” One resource I love is the section on how your loved ones can support you, and it includes a list of things that may be helpful for loved ones to say as well as things they should avoid saying. The Book wraps up with some amazing concepts, including changing your relationship with exercise, intuitive eating, and finding meaning.

Each chapter includes easy-to-understand research, personal anecdotes, and—my personal favorite—journaling prompts that are useful to walk through by yourself or with a therapist.

I’ve recommended this book to both clients and friends alike. Odds are if you found this blog, you were raised surrounded by the toxic messages of diet culture, which often impact our eating and exercise habits, our body image, and ultimately our self-worth. This book is a beautiful starting point or support tool in breaking free from that negative messaging. If you are looking for support in your relationship with food, disordered eating or eating disorder our team at The Couch Therapy would love to help you on your journey.  

I wish you every success in the ongoing journey towards healing and freedom in these areas.



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