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Premenstrual Disorder & Gaslighting

As a therapy practice that is reproductively informed we have a large number of clients who report life long but undiagnosed struggles with Premenstrual disorders (PMD’s) such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and premenstrual exacerbation (PME) of psychiatric disorders. The symptoms commonly mask as “moodiness, increased anxiety, major lows, inability to maintain daily functioning, etc”. Uterus owners typically know that medical gaslighting is common in reproductive healthcare (we see you Texas women) and unfortunately acknowledgement and treatment of premenstrual disorders is hard to find.

If you are curious if you are impacted by premenstral disorders we suggest symptom tracking on an app like this: . Period trackers and apps have felt extra vulnerable for women this year so if an app doesn’t feel comfortable you can print off the tracker and write down daily symptoms. It’s a great way to have data for your provider about your symptoms & help you feel confident conveying your experience.

Each patient with premenstral disorders is unique and deserves a collaborative approach in the reproductive healthcare space. As therapist we find it crucial to join hands with pelvic floor therapist, registered dietitians, reproductive psychiatry and gynecologist to offer collaborative and holistic care.

If you are on a journey of exploring your experience with premenstral disorders and are interested in a therapist that can advocate for you we would love to serve you at . If you are hopeful for additional resources we are members of the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders & highly recommend this resource for clients and providers. We are here to affirm your journey - take care of yourself!



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