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Therapy in Texas

Hey y’all (said in Emily’s voice because Monique is not a native Texan)…..

We are Emily & Monique and we are the best friend duo & owners of The Couch Therapy, a Therapy Practice in Texas. We started our therapy practice in Texas to provide a space in our community where we could offer psychodynamic, attachment centered, relational therapy. At The Couch Therapy we have created a space for clients to believe they are worthy of being seen, heard and valued while exploring deep roots that resist that message.

We lead a team of therapists that believe and practice the same therapeutic model. We all openly cry in our staff meetings because we are so proud of our clients and also cry because we grieve when they grieve.

We are so proud of the community and culture we have created in Texas for therapy. We welcome you in and hope you will sit with us at The Couch.


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