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Virtual Therapy Unveiled: How Online Counseling is Transforming Mental Health Care

Virtual Therapy Services in Texas: Spotlight on The Couch Therapy

When we first opened The Couch Therapy in March 2020 (great timing to start a business….) The Couch Therapy had to immediately shift the model of how we planned to provide Therapy. Neither Monique nor I (Emily) had ever been huge fans of virtual therapy and we were quite resistant to changing our ways. When virtual therapy became the main option we immediately noticed how therapy accessibility increased tremendously. Barriers to therapy once were traffic, commuting, health challenges, childcare, and short lunch breaks were immediately relieved when virtual therapy became a platform. 2020 taught us a lot about expanding our comfort zones in technology and quickly virtual therapy emerged as a crucial player in the therapy arena. We hope this blog will help you explore what you can consider and expect from virtual therapy. Let’s go!

Why Virtual Therapy?

The Couch Therapy is not just a counseling practice in Texas; it's a movement towards a more accessible, flexible, and inclusive approach to mental health care in Texas. By eliminating geographical and logistical barriers, The Couch Therapy is making mental health care accessible across the state of Texas. Virtual Therapy allows clients to have the opportunity regardless of location (in Texas) to explore therapy services with providers and schedules that work best for them. No longer are you geographically bound to your community for therapy.

Let’s Start by Addressing the Concerns Associated with Seeking Virtual Therapy

As therapists that offer virtual therapy or in-person therapy in our offices in Allen or Colleyville, Texas we frequently speak with clients who are curious about the experience of virtual therapy. There seems to be a concern from potential therapy clients about the ability with being able to connect with a therapist online. We’ve found that by allowing potential clients the opportunity to have a free 15-minute consultation online they can see if they do virtually connect with a therapist before committing to this new relationship.

Challenges and Limitations of Virtual Therapy

Despite its numerous advantages, virtual therapy, including services provided by The Couch Therapy, is not without its challenges. Technical issues, such as unstable internet connections or lack of access to necessary devices, can hinder the effectiveness of online sessions. It’s important that if you are participating in online therapy you set up an environment that allows you to focus on therapy and not other distractions around, if possible. We encourage clients to have a journal, fidgets, water, and even snacks around so that if they experience a body need they can access it. Here’s our TikTok demonstrating an ideal setup! If you have email or social media pulled up we suggest minimizing anything that could take you out of introspection by jostling you back into the hustle culture world.

What are Pro’s of Virtual Therapy?

The perks of virtual therapy are endless. No more commutes, childcare issues, and above all accessibility is literally at your fingertips. At The Couch Therapy, we use a HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform that allows clients to download an app or click on an appointment reminder and arrive at therapy. The ease of access for individual or couples therapy is the trophy winner of virtual therapy. We see the tremendous value in the ability to expand service options for potential clients who may not live in our community but are looking for therapy that aligns with The Couch Therapy values.

We are a group of passionate, highly trained, and down-to-earth therapists in Texas who believe there is room for everyone at The Couch. Our team specializes in working with individuals, couples/partners, and families, navigating anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, eating disorders, infertility, adoption, pregnancy, postpartum support, relationship patterns stemming from childhood, as well as everyday stressors and transitions. Many of these specialties are uniquely offered by our therapist and not accessible in all parts of The State of Texas. All of our therapists are LGBTQ+ affirming, sex-positive, HAES-aligned, and welcome non-traditional relationships. We honor all neurotypes and humans as equal and welcome. Unfortunately, this counseling philosophy and a wide variety of counseling specialties isn’t always available in Texas Therapist offices and we find it crucial to utilize virtual therapy for accessibility and ease for clients who desire a deeper dive into therapy that may not be as accessible in their community.

Let us help you connect with one of our therapists who meets your needs and is available to see you, online or in person. Start your journey today with a free 15-minute consultation here

Check out our therapists’ specialties to find the best fit for you here 


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