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Waiting for a Therapist in Texas? Here’s how to survive the wait.

Have you been searching for a therapist in Texas, calling a million places only to be placed on another waiting list? We have therapists with current availability, so give us a call to see if it’s a good fit for you!

As therapists, we do our best to balance seeing as many people as possible without sacrificing the quality of the therapy we provide (aka avoiding burnout).

But being told it could be weeks or months until you see someone is frustrating and can get defeating!

Some practical things you can do while you wait to begin meeting with your therapist, or even in between sessions if that’s your thing.

Read mental health-related books! Better yet, read the book and then discuss it with someone with whom you have mutual trust and respect.

Journal! Research shows us that physically writing things down to process can help our brains sort through some of the internal chaos we may be feeling.

Hate journaling? Try making voice memos on your phone instead. You can promptly delete them if you fear them being found but this can be another helpful way to externally process without another person being involved.

Mindfulness or meditation. You can use an app, a YouTube video, or simply practice making 1 minute gaps in your day where you check in on your body, mind and soul. We often think this has to be complicated but it can be as simple as noticing what we’re feeling, and offering ourselves some time to take up space and have feelings in the first place.


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