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It’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

Check out this website for access to tons of free live webinars, articles, advocacy efforts and more.

Whether you have a diagnosis, are part of the self-diagnosis crew, or love someone who identifies as neurodivergent, you’re welcome to the table. In fact, for neurodiversity to truly be celebrated, ALL neurotypes (by definition) must be recognized as equally valid and important. 

We’ve come a long way and we still have much to do. Advocacy is needed in every sphere of life and can begin with simply recognizing and accepting neurological differences in your family, friends, workplace or classroom. 

Neurodivergent folx tend to live life feeling like there’s something wrong with them. A way to combat (or prevent!) this experience is to consider there could be multiple “good” or “right” ways of learning, living and loving. 

With everything, while there are similarities amongst neurodivergent folx, there are also a myriad of differences. Asking what a person may need, or support that may be helpful to them, can go a long way.

If you’ve been looking for affirming therapeutic support, we have therapists with availability that would love to help. Head to our contact page here to connect! 

- Mallorie


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