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Navigating Valentine's Week as a Single: A Fresh Perspective

Valentine's Week rolls around every February, awash in red and pink, with heart-shaped chocolates and love letters taking center stage. For those not in romantic relationships, this week might initially seem like a glaring reminder of singlehood. However, it's time to flip the script and view Valentine's Week through a new lens—a celebration not just of romantic love but of all forms of love, including the most important one: self-love.

The True Essence of Valentine's Week for Singles


First and foremost, Valentine's Week is an excellent time for self-reflection and pampering. Who says you need a partner to celebrate love? Buy yourself that box of chocolates, draw a relaxing bath, or treat yourself to an activity that fills your soul. This doesn’t mean a full blown spa day but maybe it’s a new journal, book or even just a night of “I can do what I want”. By nurturing yourself you remind your heart, mind and nervous system that you are worthy and loved. Now, that’s a self-love therapy vibe.

Strengthening Friendships:

Valentine's Day often overshadows the importance of other types of love, such as the love shared between friends. Organize a night out (or in) with your besties. Exchange small gifts or just spend quality time together. Friendships are just as significant and deserving of celebration.

Personal Growth:

Use this week as a catalyst for personal growth. Pick up a new hobby, set new goals in therapy, process a relationship that still feels sticky in therapy or simply indulge in some journaling. Growth and happiness are personal journeys that don't require a partner to embark upon.

Community Service:

Spread love in a different way by volunteering. Giving back to your community can be incredibly rewarding and a beautiful way to share love and kindness with those in need. If you don’t know where to start you can check out: to get started! Our staff has a few favorite places that we enjoy volunteering in our area if you want a further list of ideas of how to spread love through service. The Net - Fort WorthJourney Of HopeThe Warm PlaceCity of Plano’s Pack a Kit for the UnhousedChild Advocacy Center’s - Located in a county near you!

Redefining Valentine's Week

Focus on Exploration:

Explore your values around this season of you. How does it feel to experience the ability to invest in yourself wholly? What are you hoping to nurture in yourself to have a stronger sense of self worth. Are there any relationships that have created messages in your internal dialogue that you are impacted by frequently? These are all great questions to ask yourself and process with your therapist, bestie or even in journaling.

Explore New Experiences:

By excavating expectations for what Valentines should or shouldnt’t look like you're free to create a day that cares for you. Always wanted to try an adult dance class or a cooking class? Do you want to crack open a new book or try out that stocking stuffer facemask buried in your makeup bag- go for it. It’s your day and you can make it what you need. If plan A doesn’t work build out a plan B- it’s your day!

Connect with Others:

Remember, you're not alone. Many people are navigating singlehood, and Valentine's Week can be a perfect time to connect with others who share your perspective. Attend singles events, reach out to your book club friends or use social media platforms to join conversations about self-love and independence.

Embracing Independence

Being single during Valentine's Week doesn't mean you're missing out. It means you have the freedom to celebrate love in its many forms, on your own terms. It's a time to pause and reflect on your self love journey and what you need this week. So, here's to the singles this Valentine's Week—may it be a week of love, laughter, and kindness.


Q: How can I deal with feelings of loneliness during Valentine's Week?

A: Don’t be afraid of feelings that may come. By finding language for your feeling and sitting with the feeling you are able to offer yourself nurture and introspection.

Q: Are there any specific events for singles during Valentine's Week?

A: Absolutely! Many communities and online platforms host singles events around Valentine's Day. Look for local events or virtual meetups designed to celebrate singlehood.

Q: How can I show love to others during this week?

A: There are countless ways to show love, from writing heartfelt notes to friends and family to volunteering. Small acts of kindness go a long way in spreading love.

In the end, Valentine's Week is what you make of it. Whether you're single by choice or circumstance, it's a time to celebrate love in all its glorious forms. So, here's to finding joy, embracing self-care, and making this Valentine's Week uniquely yours.


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