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What a Therapist Wants You to Know About Your New Years Resolution Goal

Are you a fan of New Years Resolutions?

Anyone else feel like New Years Resolutions are forced pressure to “be better”", get smaller, read more…etc?

Here’s the deal, a desire for personal growth is amazing. AND the goal for personal growth needs to come from our own internal motivation- not societal pressures or shame messages that we receive (looking at you diet culture). If you are a goal setter or resolution human here are some thoughts to process to understand the underlying root of your resolution or goals and how to extend kindness to yourself during this process.

What are you hoping to evolve with this choice?

What were the messages or experiences that you have with the goal?

Is there a specific memory that sticks out to you about the goal?

What is your belief about yourself if you achieve this goal? 

What happens if this goal doesn’t pan out?

What is the message that you believe about yourself currently? Is there shame messaging in this goal? If so, how could you bring awareness to that shame and offer it kindness?

If you process these messages and something sticks out to you as prickly or shameful bring it up in therapy. Your therapist can walk with you to explore deeper experiences with thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

May you offer yourself kindness in the New Year,



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