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Where to Start in Therapy

Starting therapy can feel anxiety producing and it can be hard to find the best therapist for you. Monique is a therapist in Texas who offers a sneak peek into what the first therapy session at The Couch Therapy looks like.

One of the first questions we may ask when working with a new client is, “Where do you want to start?”

Therapy is a unique space that isn’t filled with a manual, or instructions. Each person can begin their story whichever way they connected the puzzles of their experiences, and memories, and feelings.

If starting therapy comes with doubt or fear, remember that you hold the remote. You can start, pause, and end wherever you decide. You deserve to be seen heard and valued and we will follow your lead. We can’t wait to see where your therapy journey will take us together. 

 If you are worrying about starting therapy you can start by clicking here to schedule a free therapy consultation.


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