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How to Find a Therapist & What to Ask A Potential Therapist

Are you doing the general google search of “therapy near me” or asking your BFF to remind you of her therapists name? Congratulations, you are dipping your toe in the water of starting your therapy journey. Now let’s level up this new search by empowering you with questions to ask your therapist.

Wait?! Did you have a reaction to that last sentence “questions to ask your therapist”? ! Is it because you imagined a therapist having all the control of the questions the relationship!? We disagree with this belief. At The Couch Therapy we believe that the relationship matters (and is crucial) in therapy. You need to feel safe and actually feel comfortable with your therapist. From a practice perspective we know that therapy is more effective when you feel emotionally and physically safe with your therapist. Here’s how to get the most out of your therapist search:

How do I meet with a Therapist before Starting Therapy? Therapy practices like The Couch offer free 15 minute consultations. A free consultation allows a potential client (you) and a potential therapist (we’d love that to be us- sign up here) to have the opportunity to talk together through therapy options.

Prior to this free therapy consultation you can draft a list of questions for the therapist.

We are a therapy practice in Texas that believes in matching people with the best fit of therapist for their needs.

What are you looking for in a therapist? If you’ve attended therapy before you may know exactly what made you connect with your therapist or unfortunately what didn’t work in the relationship. A therapist would love to know that feedback to ensure the relationship is the correct fit. If you are new to therapy you may want to share what type of person that you click best with - many examples we hear is “I’d like a therapist who is bubbly, I’d like a therapist that has experience in working with (insert need here), or I’d like a therapist who will be direct but kind”.

Budget- Prior to your consultation you can spend time thinking through your budget. Make sure to consider how you can ensure that therapy is feasible and accessible financially for you. Talk through with your therapist about financial options that may fit your budget. Pro tip- depending on your therapist licensure, experience, certification and specialty they have prices that are set to honor their skill set. If the fee that you are given for a therapist doesn’t fit your budgetary need there are many feasible options to make therapy accessible. You could consider working with a therapist who is a graduate level clinician or in associate status who is under the supervision of another therapist and/or graduate program. This allows you to work with a therapist who has resources and knowledge to other professionals while also accessing affordable care.

Check out your schedule- what time works best for you for therapy? Is there a location you are hoping to meet with your therapist at? The Couch Therapy has therapy offices in Colleyville and Allen Texas and it’s sometimes helpful to map the location of the practice/appointment time in Waze to see what’s accessible for you to practically maintain for you. It’s also important to think about therapy online. Since 2020 we’ve seen online therapy requests tremendously increase. It allows you to work around your schedule and attend therapy from your home or office.

Assess for Safety- Currently as therapy practice in Texas we are keenly aware of the importance social and political awareness in regards to our clients concerns of confidentiality, resources and safety of care in regards to abortion, social justice and access to affirming care. You are welcome to ask a potential therapist their stand and how they navigate providing care in our current climate.

What are you wanting from Therapy- That question feels so simple yet so complex. You can think through what you are hoping for in therapy? Is it to lower your anxiety? Is it that you are hoping to start therapy to support you as you navigate your infertility diagnosis? Are you wanting to work on your relationship with food, parents, or yourself? Feedback like this helps us match you with the best therapist for your needs. Therapist aren’t one size fits all and finding a therapist is gifted in that specialty you are hoping to nurture is incredibly empowering and healing.

Anything else you need? Let us know! One of the most healing experiences in therapy is practicing the art of asking for your needs to be met.

Do you feel ready?! Join us for a free 15 minute consultation today to get your questions answered or reach out here to learn more about your options for therapy through a message.


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